For your whole infrastructure.

Backup any block based device, like LVM volumes, whole disks or ceph/rbd volumes. In contrast to other backup solutions, backy2 always backs up all data on the disk, including the bootloader, kernel and partition data.

As backy2 deduplicates all data before writing it, it's possible to backup a whole rack with nothing more than a 1 gbit link.

„This is amazing software - looks like the backup solution I’ve been searching for to use with Ceph.“

Brian Chamberlain, I.P. Telecom Limited

Key Features

Encryption, Compression and Deduplication
All data is being encrypted with industry standard encryption algorithms and additionally compressed. Together with deduplication backy2 uses way less backup space than a copy.
Using all your disks in parallel
backy2 reads from multiple disks and writes to multiple disks simultaniously. You'll get the most out of your disk arrays, NAS, SAN, Ceph or RAID.
Small and fast backups
backy2 deduplicates while reading from the block device and only writes blocks once if they are the same. With the help of ceph’s rbd diff, backy2 will only read the changed blocks since the last backup.
Fast restores
With supporting block storage (like ceph/rbd), fast sparse restores are possible.
Partial restores / directly mount your backups
With its own NBD server, backy2 backups can be directly mounted on any linux system.
High data consistency
Every backed up piece of data has a checksum stored with it and backy2 can scrub the backup data and check for correctness of the backups.
It will prevent you from doing stupid things
backy2 will not execute commands that will destroy data, unless you --force it to.
Parallel: backups while scrubbing while restoring
Parallel execution of multiple backy2 processes is fully supported.
Easy installation
dpkg -i backy*.deb
Free and Open Source Software
Anyone can review the source code and audit security and functionality. backy2 is licensed under the LGPLv3 license.

„ And what a smooth piece of software, it really deserves to be the top spot on any google search on "ceph backup". “

sep76, reddit

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